Wondering How to Install a Ceiling Fan in Alcoa? We Can Help

While all electricians know how to install a ceiling fan, it's not a job that every DIY-er is ready to tackle. Are you considering installing a ceiling fan yourself in your home? Here are a few of the things you'll need to keep in mind:

  • Purchase the right size fan for your room. In general, blade tips should be 30 inches from walls or other obstructions, and the fan should hang at least seven feet above the floor. 
  • Turn off power to the light fixture at the breaker box before starting work. Also, flip the light switches in the room to "off" before touching any wiring. 
  • Have an assistant support the old fixture while you disconnect the wiring. 
  • Label wires as you disconnect them, especially if you have dual-switch wiring with separate switches controlling the fan and the light. 
  • Ensure that your electrical box is designed to hold a ceiling fan before installing the new fan. There should be an indication—and maybe even a fan-weight rating—stamped inside the box. 
  • Follow all manufacturers' instructions for the new fan installation. Skipping steps can result in improper installation. 

Concerned about your ability to handle a tricky ceiling fan installation on your own? Precision Power Electrical is standing by to take your call. Whether you need help putting in a fan-approved electrical box or you need entirely new wiring, we're your licensed and insured electricians to trust in Alcoa. We know how to install a ceiling fan quickly and properly, giving you an end result you'll love.

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